Barely Blonde

Barely Blonde

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Barely Blonde whispers stories of soft dreams and amazing moments. The delicate, creamy elegance breathes memories of special moments and everyday beauty. Imagine heritage, weddings, babies or just moments of pure loveliness captured and scrapped with this wonderful page kit. Grasp a fleeting memory and make it last forever, nestled in the gentle elegance of this limitlessly lovely collection.

Small Value Collection Includes:

~ Creamy Canvas background
~ Faded Swirl background
~ Folded Flowers background
~ Nearly There background
~ Folded Vellum translucent background
~ Lightly Textured Cream background
~ Pale Squares background
~ Cream Card Frame
~ Cream flower
~ Glass swirly leaf
~ Jewelled Circle
~ Fine Mesh overlay
~ Dangling Ribbons with pearls
~ Set of 4 silver photo turns
~ Swirl Border
~ Crystal butterfly
~ Circular Embossed Frame
~ Curled Ribbon
~ Delicate flowers
~ Embossed Border
~ Jewel Sprinkle
~ Mesh Stamp
~ String
~ White Rose

This collection comprises both the Blonde Beginnings and Barely Blonde Page Kits.

File Designed for 300ppi

Designed by Lauren Bavin