Bygone Dreams

Bygone Dreams

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The Bygone Dreams collection in tones of apricot blush heritage greens exudes a style of elegance from a bygone era and inspires memories of a time of beauty, grace and wonderful peace. Capture those feelings using these absolutely lovely backgrounds and elements which will help you create layouts that will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. 

This Extra Large Value Collection contains the Backgrounds in the Bygone Backpack.

Extra Large Value Collection Includes:

~Aged Canvas background
~Aged Crackle background
~Aged Jacquard background 
~Aged Swirl Background 
~Folded Beige Background
~Aged and Creased background
~Damaged Flourish background
~Embossed beige background 
~Natural Beige Background 
~Softlly Flourished Background 
~Blissful Melody background
~Forgotten Dreams background
~Loves Blush background 
~Spring Green background
~Victorian Splendour background
~Floral Branch 
~Gilt Edged Frame 
~Gold Corner Flourish 
~Green Notepaper 
~Lace Rosette
~Lacy Braid 
~Blush Rose 
~Tall Flower
~Tiny Teal Flower 
~Aged Rose
~Brad Circles 
~Cut out bubble glass frame
~Edge Frames 
~Floral Branch
~Mesh Mat
~Metal Fern
~Paper Doily
~Pearl Flower 

File Size:
300ppi - 137MB

Designed by Lauren Bavin