My Story - Planner & Template

My Story - Planner & Template

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So you've done a lot of research into your ancestor's lives, but what about you? What information about you will be left to be shared with future generations about your own life?

“I’m not important”  “Who wants to know about my life”  “Nothing special”  “I’m not a writer”

All easy excuses, but even seemingly unimportant details will be interesting to future generations, so forget about the past for a while, and take some time to share your own story so it is there for your descendants. You only need a 1000 words and some photos or document images.

This digital package includes a planner and a book template (20x20cm / 8x8in), for use with Microsoft Word. The tools will help you to plan your story, and gives you some steps to follow to turn the information about you into a book. 

Get creating now and create a lasting record for your own descendants.