Family Story School 2022

Family Story School 2022

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Four women on a mission to capture stories – from now, from the past, for the future.

Your family stretches back generations, and will stretch into generations yet to come. Stories bind those generations, they are what it is to be family.

As humans, telling stories was how we first made sense of the world. How we understood our place in it, and how we looked to pass that wisdom on to the next generation. To make it easier for them to understand their place in the world.

Fast forward several thousands of years, the technology has changed. The desire to tell our stories, to pass on our wisdom, to those we love most, has not.

The power of history, the power of photo, of voice, of ritual, of a smile. The loved recipe handed from kitchen to kitchen. The smile spotted across photos stretching back for generations. The voice, so beloved, so missed now they are no longer.

And yet.

How do we make sense of these stories in the clamour of daily life? When the box of photos from Grandma’s funeral is still in your spare room cupboard? When your camera roll is full to bursting and you have a dread of losing your phone and all those memories? When you now have the wisdom to ask Pop for all his stories, and just wish there was a way you could capture them before he leaves you?

Your stories matter. Now, into the past, and into the future. They matter for you, for your kids, for loved ones you are yet to meet.

We’re on a mission to help give you practical, easy and time conscious help to capture your family story.

Whether you’re traipsing archives, piecing together a family tree. Whether you have a loved one with a terminal diagnosis and you want to celebrate them while they are still here. Whether you are bursting with pride for your kids (but have yet to print a single image since your local chemist stopped having the kiosk for prints!)

We’ve got you sorted.

- Family History
- Videos
- Bursting camera rolls
- Photo Storage systems & tools
- Life hacks for fitting it into the clutter of daily life

Narration through a lens, through discovery, through rummaging through aging suitcases, this is YOUR  family story.

Our roots ground us, our pride in our family sends us soaring. Let us help you tell your story, today.

Join our Family Story School today and you get:

Early access to modules to help get started straight away – this is just a taster of what will be on offer when the school doors open in February 2022:

  • Family History tips & tricks – including ideas on publishing your very own family history book!
  • Swapping Stories – conversation starters and questions to help get these stories written down, matched to photos or recorded on Video
  • Google Photos tips & tricks – harnessing the power of technology to make sorting through photos easier
  • Ideas for conscious curation and narration through your photo taking
  • Ideas to bring stories to life – off the camera roll, out of the box of photos hidden in your spare room cupboard
  • Ideas to help future generations – with so much now trapped electronically – how can we consciously create stories and time capsules showing what life is like in our time for those who follow after us?
  • Video tips & tricks - including getting comfortable on camera, easy apps for video editing, life story questions to ask loved ones, transcribing your video, sound and lighting and more!

- Monthly additions to the Family Story School, growing your tools as your projects do!

- Monthly group zoom calls with tips and tricks from Family Story Experts (Fiona, Nicola, Kate & Alana)

- 12 month’s access to work through the modules and create all those family story projects you’ve been putting off.

- Preferential pricing and discount codes from some of our favourite suppliers to help bring those stories to life

We’re pretty sure you’re going to LOVE bring your stories to life just as much as we’re going to love helping guide you through…. And you are in the BEST hands in the industry with all of us!

As a special Xmas present from our families to yours, we’re introducing the Family Story School with a “buy one, gift one” offer.

Yay! You get to GIVE this amazing experience to a loved one. And then, you can work together on your projects, cheering each other on. Swapping ideas, holding each other accountable. We reckon this is a sure fire fix for busy life. When new year’s resolutions have faded, and life starts nibbling around the edges of your good intentions. Doing this together, with a friend, means you are more likely to have fun, get it done, and to tell those stories.

On purchase you'll get a downloadable gift voucher to give to a loved one. They can use the discount code to activate their subscription. 

This isn't going to be a set and forget gift. This is your chance to bring your stories to life.

No matter what media, what decade, the stories are there, and we will guide you through.


When you buy your first workshop or webinar (including any free courses), you will be enrolled in the Memories in Time classroom. You will receive a separate email with your sign in details, inviting you to set a password. The title of the email will be "Welcome to Memories in Time". Set your password and enjoy the classroom.

If you have taken Memories in Time, Talking Family History or Family Story School workshops or webinars before, you will not be sent an email. Just use the same login and password as you have previously. You'll be able to see all the workshops and webinars that you have taken part in on your dashboard. 

If you have lost the Memories in Time classroom link, check the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Minimum subscriber level is 50 people. If this level is not reached by 31 January 2022, a refund will be made by 14 February 2022.
2. Should we be unable to deliver a session, a replacement session will be scheduled.
3. One off events with guest speakers are not covered in this subscription.