Your Place - Leeds Method Group Workshop

Your Place - Leeds Method Group Workshop

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Available at Your Place, whether that is a group meeting, with our online workshop facilitator or fully online for your members to access from home.

Your group members have done their DNA test's and discovered lots of shared matches and are not sure what to do next. This workshop will cover the Leeds Method, a way of working with their DNA matches to create clusters who share common ancestors.

In this hands-on, virtual workshop, we’ll be working with sample DNA matches to learn how to create a Leeds chart (using a printed form and coloured pencils); investigate a cluster; to help your members be ready to apply this method to their own matches.

This two hour workshop, includes downloadable workshop materials and a four page instructional guide for each attendee. 

Technology for a virtual presentation (Zoom) can be supplied. We can help you with instructions for your members on how to access the workshop. Alternatively, the workshop can be presented using the hosts technology.

Price is based on a maximum of  30 participants. Please contact us if you have a bigger group and we can arrange a second tutor in the room (additional charge applies).   

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Cost is: NZD $225, (Approx AUD $205, STG £110, CAD $200, USD $150).
30 tickets at NZD $20, your group makes $375.

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