Research With Me

You could be just starting and want to get it right from the start. 

Or maybe you're been tracing your family for a while and just want to review where you are and where you are going.  

Either way you don't want to miss out on the fun of the family history search. We can help. Have a look below and see if you can relate to one of these:


I'm just beginning. What do I do? What websites are the best for me to use? How can I keep track of what I'm doing?

Starting your family history is exciting. There's lots to find out and it's easy to go racing through the internet, copying family trees, downloading documents and adding "facts" to your family history. It can also feel overwhelming when there are so many ancestors to trace and you have to work out what to do first. 

It is good to slow down and make sure that you have strong roots to your family history; that your information is all sourced and verified and that you can find the files you download. Have a look at our Workshops and Presentations as we run Beginners courses and also sessions on Organising Your Family History. If there is no course planned Contact Us and we can discuss what would be best for your next step.


The amount of information I have is just mind blowing. In fact I've got to the stage that some of the information is actually in conflict with other information I have. Then in other places there are just huge gaps. What do I do next?

A good research plan can help you make progress with your family history. We can help you to put together that plan. Have a look at our Mentoring in the Family History section in the Shop. We meet once a month (online) and work on your plan. During the month you do the suggested research and then we can review the results of your work the next month and plan the next steps. You get the fun of the research, we get to keep you on track. 


    I've bought certificates, taken lots of notes, written letters and emails, downloaded multiple documents (and sometimes the same one twice) and generally taken over the house with piles of papers. 

      It's easy to get carried away with your search for family, however for every hour searching there should probably be an hour of recording, updating and filing to go with it.

      We work with clients to organise their records so that they have sources recorded for all their family information and then those sources are filed so they can be located again in the future (this is a great way to prevent purchasing certificates twice). We can even digitise your paper records. Contact Us and we can discuss what would be best for your next step.


      I have to downsize my house. What am I going to do with everything?

      You've been tracing the family history for years and have folders of information, but you can't take it all with you to your new home. We can help to review your family history; work out what is important to keep; what can be scanned or photographed and discarded (we know that's a scary word for family historians) and what can be shared amongst other family members. Contact Us and we can discuss help you with your downsize.


      I've got so far but now I'm stuck.

      We can't guarantee that we're going to be able to get past your brick wall either, but a fresh set of eyes looking at your family history can help. Booking some Research time with us might be a great first step, Contact Us.