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I'm just starting

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Thomson Family Wedding 1914

I've been researching

Isn't family history great!

Having been tracing your family for a while you might recognise yourself below:

  • The amount of information I have is just mind blowing. In fact I've got to the stage that some of the information is actually in conflict with other information I have. Then in other places there are just huge gaps. What do I do next?
  • I've bought certificates, taken lots of notes, written letters and emails, downloaded multiple documents (and sometimes the same one twice) and generally taken over the house with piles of papers. 
  • I have to downsize my house. What am I going to do with everything?
  • I've got so far but now I'm stuck. 
  • I really need to go to [insert place of your choice] to get a copy of [insert document] or get a photograph of [insert place].
  • I want to make contact with my cousin who the family lost touch with years ago.
  • I wonder if any of the other descendants inherited family information or memorabilia?

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Photograph: The wedding of William Thomson and Lucy Hill Thorn, 14 January 1914, Hokitika, New Zealand.