DNA Discovery - First Steps - 2022 Updates

DNA Discovery - First Steps - 2022 Updates

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DNA Discovery
First Steps Course?

The wonderful thing about DNA is that it is always changing with new DNA matches appearing.

The companies that manage our DNA results also change how they display our results and add new functionality that may change how we work with our results.

As tutors the joke has always been that you can guarantee if you record a webinar about DNA, there will be an update the next day. Just like you, we may only find out about the change as it is happening, but when we do, we want you to have the most up to date information as you work with your matches.



When you completed the DNA Discovery - First Steps course you got continued access to the course material (or at least access as long as we continue to operate). However DNA moves on and in this course you'll get access to any DNA updates that we issue in 2022.

This is not a stand alone course and you should have previously done the DNA Discovery First Steps Course before purchasing this course.


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After purchase this course will be added to the dashboard of your Memories in Time classroom. Just use the same login and password as you have previously.

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