03 Contact - Plan to Publish

03 Contact - Plan to Publish

This step's all about finding others who can help you with publishing your book. Look for key family members who inherited the photograph albums and other heirlooms and know the family stories. 

Writing your book doesn't have to be done alone. Getting other family members to write their contribution to the book is a great way of sharing the task.

Working together on the family history


For the update of our family history my mother-in-law's working on finding contact details for those involved in the last book. She's emailing, ringing and meeting up with family members. The plan is to include two further generations (actually three when their children are also listed in their biographies) in this update, so there are lots of people to find. 

While she does the finding, we're working on the tech side of this to set up communication systems eg a new email address to share information through. 

Because we already have a family history published we've got great examples of the sort of information we will be publishing about each family. If we were starting from scratch, being able to send a sample paragraph would be useful.

Likewise having a set of questions to prompt memories is useful, especially if you're visiting family members. To help with this there is a new guide in store: Family Memories - Keeping in Touch.

For my immigration book, I have most of the information from my research, however it's worth contacting other family members, as you never know who might have the diary from a voyage or other memorabilia.


We have some more thoughts about Contact in our free guide. 

03 Contact - Plan to Publish Preview


Download the Plan to Publish 03 guide for free.


We've also set up a Plan to Publish - Your Family History Facebook group where you can join like minded family historians. We hope that by declaring what you plan to do and working with others we can share our ideas, struggles and keep each other on track.

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03 Contact - Plan to Publish


Plan to Publish is a 12 step programme to publishing your family history by the end of the year. 

What sort of family history is totally up to you, but the aim is to get some of your research off the shelves and out of the computer and to create something to share with your family.

Plan to Publish

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Thank you for these, Fiona they will be a great help. Looking forward to April’s prompt.

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