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Past Encounters: Christchurch Men 1860-61

While working on a client's research today, I found these fabulous lists of the men aged between 18 and 60 years living in the Christchurch area and who were "liable to serve as Militiamen for the year 1860-61 in the Militia District of Christchurch" in Papers Past.   It's important to remember that this is a list of those "liable to serve", it doesn't mean that they served. You can find the lists here:Lyttelton Times, 6 June 1860 - Abbott to Edwards (James) Lyttelton Times, 9 June 1860 - Edwards (Joseph) - Luck Lyttelton Times, 12 June 1860 - Luke - Stanton Lyttelton Times, 16 June 1860 - Stapleforth - Zouch   Maybe you'll find some of your family here.  ...

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Preserving the Present for the Future - Music

Hearing a song can immediately take you back to a time and a place. Maybe it was a hit when you were at school or a piece of music that you learned to play, but when you hear it you're in that moment and the memories come flooding back. Ernie & Chris Cook - sing along around the piano at Chris' 70th birthday party, 1986. So let's think about music and the part it has played in your family. Here are some prompts to get you started with your writing. When you were growing up what sort of music can you remember listening to? Pop, Classical, Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock.... which is your favourite? What are your 10 favourite songs?...

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