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Here's where you may have seen or heard me.

  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    Australia, S14 E3, 2023

    Derryn Hinch

    It was great to meet Derryn and be able to share his DNA results with him.

    Watch here (Australia) 
  • Genealogist urges Kiwis to trace family history after Russell Crowe's shock revelation

    Newshub, 6 January 2024

    It started with a tweet from Russell Crowe and ended with me being interviewed for Newshub from our summer campsite.

    Watch here 
  • Pippa Wetzell undergoes two DNA tests - and gets vastly different results

    Fair Go, 15 June 2021

    A review of consumer DNA tests and what to be aware of.

    Watch here 
  • Cover of Family Tree Magazine May 2024 with AI & Family History Article

    Family History in the AI Era

    Family Tree Magazine (UK), May 2024

    An introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how family historians can use it.

  • Slow Down

    Family Tree Magazine (UK), September 2023

    Establish some genealogy research practices that will stand you in good stead for years to come.

  • The Family Treehouse

    Storied, E16

    It was lovely to talk with Heather about our love of family history and most importantly sharing stories with our families.

    Watch here 
  • The Constable

    The Family Histories Podcast, S5 E5, 2023

    Host, Andrew Martin, finds out how Fiona got hooked on family history, the challenges on researching within New Zealand with its privacy laws, and he gets her thoughts on how our role in sharing research and thinking about how we’re creating family history records right now, and what that means for the future.

    Listen here 
  • Fiona Brooker – New Zealand Genealogy

    The Genealogy Professional Podcast, E55, 2020

    Marian Pierre-Louis' interview with me around what being a professional genealogist in New Zealand is like.

    Find out more here