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Using a compass to plan a trip is like having me help you to navigate your family history journey.

I can help you navigate your family history journey

No matter how long you've been researching, we all encounter moments when a little guidance can make a world of difference.

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Kia Ora

I'm Fiona Brooker, the Chief Memory Officer and Genealogist at Memories in Time.

My passion is to help you trace your family history and then to discover ways to share the stories and memories with your family.

Based in New Zealand, I'm researching all over the world.

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  • Research Your Family History

    Whether you're starting fresh or have been researching for a while, it's normal to seek guidance on how to navigate all of the records and make the most of your findings.

    With my expertise in genealogical research, I can provide valuable insights and show you how to uncover hidden treasures within your family tree.

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  • Explore your DNA Results

    Your DNA results hold valuable clues to your family's history, but understanding them can feel like decoding a complex language.

    Whether you're seeking answers to family mysteries or looking to connect with long-lost relatives, I can help you make sense of your DNA results and combine them with traditional family history research.

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  • Share Your Stories

    As you reach a milestone in your research journey, it's time to pause and share the remarkable stories you've uncovered with your loved ones. And don't forget your own experiences and memories are just as significant as those of your ancestors.

    Let me help you preserve and share your family's legacy.

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Congratulations on reaching the bottom of the page! If you've followed the path without getting lost, you're on the right track. Now, let's explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

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Remember, yesterday's moments become tomorrow's memories, and together, we can ensure they are treasured for generations to come.

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