The Memories in Time Project

The Memories in Time Project


Sometimes I like to rummage through second hand shops to see what I might find. 

The Memories in Time Project grew out of this, as I try to reunite these documents and photos with their families.

All items have been scanned and added to a public Ancestry Family Tree, this means that the items will be findable and come up as hints to others with those people in the tree.

The Memories in Time Project Treasures


Here's the free webinar about the project.

Click here to find the family tree.

The individuals in this tree are not necessarily related to each other or to me as the creator of this family tree.

Copies of some items have also been sent to the appropriate regional repositories.

I've done the Family History research for these items with the assistance of the Talking Family History subscribers from around the world. 


September 2021 Project

As part of a webinar on The Memories in Time Project for Auckland Libraries, here's the images that we are researching together.


Mystery Baby Photo

Photo purchased from a second hand store in Picton, New Zealand.


Mystery Baby Photo Front


Reverse of Mystery Baby Photo

Mystery Baby Photo Reverse showing name as Marion Agatha Emily 3rd daughter of C L Rivers