The Hidden Women Project

The Hidden Women Project focuses on naming women found in various records and books where they are identified through their husband, father or children, but not named. 

The Hidden Women of the Cyclopedia of New Zealand

 The initial focus is on The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, published from 1897-1908.

Volume 1: Wellington (1897)
Volume 2: Auckland (1902)
Volume 3: Canterbury (1903)
Volume 4: Otago & Southland (1905)
Volume 5: Nelson, Marlborough & Westland (1906)
Volume 6: Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington 1908)

The Cyclopedia is available in libraries around New Zealand. A browsable version is available on the Ancestry website. A transcript is available on the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection.

Here are the women that we have identified so far - wives, daughters and mother-in-law's:

Women Approx Year of Birth Relationship Men
Allott, Elizabeth 1821 Mother-in-law Mr Clarkson
Angus, Margaret Burnett 1858 Wife Mr Sim
Barber, Mary 1830 Wife Mr Stanley
Barr, Agnes Miller 1892 Daughter Mr Barr
Barr, Annie 1899 Daughter Mr Barr
Barr, Emma 1901 Daughter Mr Barr
Barr, Mary Elizabeth 1883 Daughter Mr Barr
Bourne, Maria 1832 Wife Mr Maddison
Bowden, Bessie Ethel 1880 Daughter Mr Bowden
Bowden, Ellen Jane 1877 Daughter Mr Bowden
Bowden, Jane 1866 Daughter Mr Bowden
Bowden, Louise 1865 Daughter Mr Bowden
Bowden, Mabel 1882 Daughter Mr Bowden
Bowden, Minnie 1870 Daughter Mr Bowden
Bowden, Rose 1873 Daughter Mr Bowden
Bowden, Sarah Moore 1867 Daughter Mr Bowden
Burnett, Mary Ann Mother-in-law Mr Sim
Caygill, Susanne 1854 Wife Mr Clarkson
Clarkson, Susann 1881 Daughter Mr Clarkson
Dawson, Emma 1864 Wife Mr Barr
Drayton, Louisa 1865 Wife Mr Witty
Forrester, Elizabeth Mary 1866 Daughter Mr Forrester
Forrester, Isabella 1874 Daughter Mr Forrester
Forrester, Jean Gillies 1867 Daughter Mr Forrester
Forrester, Marion King 1881 Daughter Mr Forrester
Gillies, Jean Mother-in-law Mr Forrester
Herbert, Sarah Jane 1844 Wife Mr Maddison
Hopkins, Sarah Jane 1844 Wife Mr Maddison
Maddison, Amy Verena 1864 Daughter Mr Maddison
Maddison, Elizabeth Annie 1856 Daughter Mr Maddison
Maddison, Emily 1860 Daughter Mr Maddison
Maddison, Florence Gertrude 1875 Daughter Mr Maddison
Maddison, Lizzie Maria 1867 Daughter Mr Maddison
Moore, Sarah Mother-in-law Mr Bowden
Prebble, Mary Elizabeth 1833 Mother-in-law Mr Barr
Sim, Anna Mary 1890 Daughter Mr Sim
Sim, Erica Evelyn 1893 Daughter Mr Sim
Sim, Gladys 1891 Daughter Mr Sim
Stanley, Edith Emily 1869 Daughter Mr Stanley
Stanley, Martha 1865 Daughter Mr Stanley
Stanley, Mary Ann 1852 Daughter Mr Stanley
Stanley, Rosa Laura 1871 Daughter Mr Stanley
Stanley, Susanna Court 1855 Daughter Mr Stanley
Stirling, Mary 1848 Wife Mr Forrester
Tarrant, Emma Louisa 1832 Mother-in-law Mr Dunnett
Thomas, Elizabeth 1844 Wife Mr Bowden
Ward, Emily Mother-in-law Mr Witty
Witty, Alice Louisa 1895 Daughter Mr Witty
Witty, Amy Matilda 1893 Daughter Mr Witty
Witty, Elsie Margaret 1897 Daughter Mr Witty
Witty, Emily Florence 1888 Daughter Mr Witty
Witty, Irene Grace 1902 Daughter Mr Witty
Young, Elizabeth 1860 Wife Mr Dunnett


Further information and biographies are available for these women (and we hope to have them uploaded soon).

If you are interested in The Hidden Women Workshop, this is available as a one hour presentation with a two hour hands-on workshop (access to computers and internet is required). 

If you would like further information on these women or on the workshop, please contact me.


Thanks to the women and men who helped name these women and especially Jenny Lowe for her continued support and research for this project.