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02 Structure - Plan to Publish

I think of the structure for my book as the skeleton that the flesh of the story is going to be attached to. With my two books that I'm working on, I'm really lucky that the reprint of the family history already has an established structure, we're just updating it. However for some of my clients we are starting from scratch. The best way I've found to get started is to take a descendant report from our family history software and use this as the structure for the family narrative. For those that only have their tree online e.g. at Ancestry, then there is an intermediate step of transferring your tree via a GEDCOM file to family history software and...

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Finding Time for Family History

We’re almost through the month and did you make plans to spend more time on your family history… and have you? That’s the thing with time, it can quickly get away on you. In the Plan to Publish - Your Family History programme, 01 Plan was the first step in working towards publication of our family history. However one thing we didn’t discuss this month was planning your time. If one of your goals for the year was to take some of your research from notes to publication then you need time to do this. If you play a sport then you make time to play sport, including attending practices as well as competing. If you sign up to a...

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Not At Rootstech London?

It seems like everyone that I follow on social media is in London for Rootstech, so I'm feeling a little bit like I'm missing out. But we can still join in as the Rootstech London 2019 – Free Streaming Schedule is up and you can join in here To make sure that you don't miss out, I've converted the times to Down Under times. For the insomniacs  there is a nice 1am lecture for the Kiwis. For the Saturday night Rugby widows and widowers there is Michelle Leonard's talk on DNA (Go the All Blacks!).    Down Under BST Session Thur NZDT 9.00pm   AEDT 7.00pm AEST 6.00pm AWST 4.00pm Thur 9.00am Comparing the Genealogy Giants: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, and MyHeritage –...

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