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Ancestry DNA - SideView - Edit Parents Update

The first update for Ancestry Sideview is in and now you can label which parent is maternal and which is paternal. Ancestry currently can't tell which of your DNA comes from you mother and which from your father. That means that Parent 1 or Parent 2 could be either and this can differ between DNA testers. If you are able to work out which is which (and see my last blog post to show how I did this) you can now label each parent as maternal and paternal and here's how. 1. On the Sideview page, click on "Edit parents" ad the top right of the Detailed comparison.   2. In the window that opens on the right hand side you...

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Scan and Add Your Photos to your Ancestry Tree with Ease.

Announced at RootsTech 2022, Ancestry now has a partnership with Photomyne to include their scanning software as part of the Ancestry mobile app. So how does this work. Here's some screenshots from my first try. I've chosen to add another photo to Ernest Partridge on The Memories in Time Project team.      Click on the green plus button at the bottom of the screen to add a new photo.   Click on the Scan Photos option. Note this is currently in BETA on my device and is currently being rolled out to members, so you may not have it yet. If this is the first time you are using this tool, you'll find some tips on getting the best...

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How do you match your AncestryDNA match?

If you have tested your DNA on AncestryDNA, you can now review your DNA matches and confirm the relationship that they have to you. Click through to your DNA Matches screen and you may be seeing the “Do you recognize them?” options on the right-hand side of your screen (if you haven't got them yet... they're coming).   Step by Step Here's the steps for confirming a relationship. 1. I'm using my brother as an example and because I knew that my match was my brother, I just clicked on the Yes button. If I wasn’t sure I could click on the Learn more button and go to the usual View Match screen. 2. Select which side of the family...

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