Hidden Histories - Jason Gunn - Day 10

From starting the research as 100% Kiwi, if we look at Jason’s 16 great great grandparents, he is now 7/16 (44%) Scottish, 5/16 (31%) Irish and is 1/16 (6%) English, Welsh, Swedish and Danish.

All of these ancestors made the journey to New Zealand to start new lives and are what make us who we are.


Backwards & Forwards

We’ve concentrated on going backwards, but it’s also good to trace the family forwards to find cousins who may have been the ones to inherit family stories and information.

We often inherit photograph albums of unnamed photos. We know that they are family, but don’t know which family they are. By working together with other cousins there is the chance that they may have a named copy of the photo or that you can at least work out which side of the family the photo comes from.

Please name your photos... or at least a selection of them, so that your descendants can inherit photos of you. 


Sharing Your Family History

One of the best parts of tracing your family history is being able to share what you have found out with other family members.

We create photobooks to share our history (and our present).

Family History Album

This is a couple of pages from one of Lauren's family history books. We have Lauren's products for sale in our shop. Talk to us if you are interested in what we can do with your family history.


Family History Course

If you’re interested in starting your family history, Fiona is running a course on 22 October got to www.memoriesintime.co.nz for more details.


Beca Heritage Week 2016

Heritage Week kicks off tonight and runs to 24 October. Find out more at www.ccc.govt.nz/heritageweek


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