How to survive a 24-hour genealogy webinar marathon!

How to survive a 24-hour genealogy webinar marathon!

Next week there is a 24-hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon at Legacy Family Tree Webinars on the 12-13 March (13-14 for those of us down under).

The great thing about this marathon is that it doesn't matter where you live in the world there will be a selection of webinars that are at the perfect time for you to watch. The topics cover researching countries around the world, DNA and great tips on how to research as well. 

The webinar schedule is available here and for those of us in New Zealand, we've converted the times and you can download a free schedule here.

Have a look at the schedule and work out which webinars you just have to see. 

For those of you crazy enough to have a go at the whole marathon, then we have a couple of tips for you.

  • Try to get lots of sleep in the week heading up to the marathon. It makes it much easier to stay up if you don't start off tired.
  • Prepare your meals in advance and that may also mean for your family too. You don't want to have to go cook a meal in the middle of the marathon. 
  • Don't forget snacks and water.
  • Prepare your family. Tell them you are away for 24 hours, only contactable in emergencies (we know that's not going to be totally possible, but hey you can try).
  • Get some exercise between the sessions. 
  • Make sure you have pen and paper to take down notes that you want to follow up on. 

Now if that need for sleep does catch up on you, then the great news is that the webinars are free to view for the week following the marathon and then available after that for subscribers.

Have fun and enjoy the chance to hear from fabulous speakers.






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