Preserving the Present for the Future - Music

Hearing a song can immediately take you back to a time and a place. Maybe it was a hit when you were at school or a piece of music that you learned to play, but when you hear it you're in that moment and the memories come flooding back.
Ernie & Chris Cook - sing along around the piano at Chris' 70th birthday party, 1986.
So let's think about music and the part it has played in your family. Here are some prompts to get you started with your writing.
  • When you were growing up what sort of music can you remember listening to?
  • Pop, Classical, Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock.... which is your favourite?
  • What are your 10 favourite songs?
  • Who is your favourite artist at the moment?
  • What songs have stories attached to them (write them down).
  • What was the song for the first dance at your wedding?
  • What is the last song/album that you listened to?
  • Technology for sharing music has changed... records, tapes, CD's, walkmans, iPod's, digital... has this changed how, where and when you listen to music?
  • If I started your car right now what radio station would I hear?
  • Which musicians have you been fans of?
  • Do you remember where you were when you heard __________ had died?
  • Do you sing and if so what sort of music?
  • Have you sung in a group or a band? When and where and what stories do you have? Who were your band-mates? Photos?
  • Have you played on stage for an audience?
  • If I told you that you had to "Sing for your supper", what song would you sing (Twinkle Twinkle is okay)?
  • Were your family musical? Who was and what did they do?
  • Was there someone in the family that always sung or played and maybe they shouldn't have?
  • Was there anyone in your family that encouraged you to sing or play?
  • Was there a teacher or an artist who was your inspiration?
  • What instruments have you learnt to play? 
  • Was practising a joy or a chore?
  • Do you have a favourite piece of music to play?
  • Did you sit any musical exams? Do you have the certificates? Were you scared when you sat them?
  • Solo or in a band or orchestra?
  • Do you still play today and if so how often?
  • Did you want to learn an instrument and couldn't?
  • Is there an instrument you'd still like to learn?
  • Did you have other family members that played instruments and if so what were they?
  • Are there any musical heirlooms in your family? Instruments, sheet music that have been played by others?
  • Look at your photos, Are there any of musical times in your family: parties, shows, concerts. What was happening; when and where did it happen; why were you there or not there?
  • What concerts / gigs / shows have you been to? Do you still have the tickets; the programme; the t-shirt? Who did you go with?
  • What is the show that you wished you had gone to, but you didn't?
  • What show would you like to go to?
  • Do you have favourite venues that you like to go to or perform at?
  • Are there venues in your town that are no longer there that you have memories of?
Having read all these questions... what song is in your head right now... why?
It's up to you to preserve the present for the future.
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