Preserving the Present for the Future - The Kitchen

Preserving the Present for the Future - The Kitchen

Several years ago there was a challenge on the Digital Scrapbook Place (DSP) website to Preserve the Present for the Future. DSP may now be gone, but the sentiment of that challenge lives on.

As a family historian I look to find out things about my ancestors, but what about your descendants, what are you leaving for them? I'd love to find things about the everyday life of my ancestors but these aren't often reported in newspapers or written down so here's your chance to fix that for your family.

Every now and then on this blog (and on Facebook and Pinterest), you'll find prompts to help you Preserve Your Present for Your Future.

To start... the heart of the house...

The Kitchen

We're going to start by taking some photos of your kitchen:

  • the view from the door of the kitchen
  • what do you look at when you are doing the dishes
  • open the pantry cupboard and take photos of the food inside
  • what's in your fridge?
  • are there things in your kitchen that you couldn't live without?
  • what do you eat your dinner off?
  • everyday compared to special occasions?
  • are there special things in your kitchen?
  • the recipe book collection (I know you have one... and seriously how many do you ever cook from?)

Now it's up to you as to whether or not you feel the need to clean the entire kitchen first, or just take them as it is. Maybe there should be two sets of photos the ones that show how it looks when visitors are coming and the ones that show the normal appearance.

In the next couple of days I'll have some suggestions for you on what to do with these photos. 

Pick up your camera now... go take the photos.



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