Pussycat Pikelets... passing on the tradition

When I was growing up and we went to stay with Nana she would make us pussycat pikelets. Sometimes they would even have raisins for eyes. This is just one of the memories from my Nana's kitchen.

My Mum made pussycat pikelets for my nephew when he visited and her pikelets were yummy.

Now I make pussycat pikelets for my children. We even made some today, not to mention square pikelets for minecraft blocks (try shaping those!) and a fence (that's another story). In the last couple of years there have also been letters of the alphabet, helicopters and whatever else the kids requested along with a bit of a competition sometimes to see if you can guess what the pikelet was mean to be. Of course flipping them becomes a bit of a mission to see if you can do it and not lose a vital piece.

I'm not necessarily the best pikelet maker and my mixture today was lumpy, but that didn't prevent them getting eaten. Pikelet's for lunch on Sunday is probably a once a month event and usually I'm not doing the cooking, my daughter starts and then shares the cooking duties with her Dad.

By passing on this memory and this activity I pass on a link from past to future. Hopefully one day my kids will make pussycat pikelets for their grandchildren.... or maybe they will make family tree pikelets.

This post appears as part of the Preserving the Present for the Future series. 
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