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Memories In Time

The Modern Family Tree Workshop

The Modern Family Tree Workshop

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Create your own Modern Family Tree for sharing with your family.

The Modern Family Tree is a fabulous way to share a little bit of your family history with a modern twist.  With space for four generations, you can customise to add your own details and pick your own colours.

Pictured are four copies of the tree showing the ancestors of those in the photos.

The workshop is available to you at Your Place and at Your Time. 

In this hands-on workshop we'll work together to create a family tree for  your family.

The workshop includes the template, a printable guide and step by step video lessons for creating this Modern Family Tree. 

The workshop will use free software available via your web browser, but if you already have Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or other software that you are familiar with and that will allow the use of layers you can use this.

If you know how to use a multi-layered template, click on the link to purchase the Modern Family Tree Layered Template.


When you buy your first workshop or webinar (including any free courses), you will be enrolled in our classroom. You will receive a separate email with your sign in details, inviting you to set a password. The title of the email will be "Welcome to Memories in Time". Set your password and enjoy the classroom.

If you have taken Memories in Time workshops or webinars before, you will not be sent an email. Just use the same login and password as you have previously. You'll be able to see all the workshops and webinars that you have taken part in on your dashboard. 

If you have lost the Memories in Time classroom link, check the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

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