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  • The Bones - New Zealand Civil Registration

    Birth, Marriage and Death information provides the bones of our family history skeleton from which we hang the rest of our research about a person. Learn more about the New Zealand records that give your research structure.

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  • Four Sources for New Zealand Family History

    Beyond Births, Deaths and Marriages, this talk looks at four sources for tracing your New Zealand family. Covering: Cemetery Research, Probates & Wills, Shipping to New Zealand and Newspapers

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  • Four More Sources for New Zealand Family History

    Looking at The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, New Zealand Electoral Roll's, the 1893 Women's Suffrage Petition and World War I military records.

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  • Another Four Sources for New Zealand Family History

    Looking at Intentions to Marry, Parish Registers, The New Zealand Police Gazette and The Wilson Collection.

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  • Finding Families in New Zealand

    We don’t have any major collections of census records in New Zealand, so how else can you find families in New Zealand. Looking at the use of electoral rolls and school records to add to your family history.

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  • Encounters - Our Immigrant Ancestors

    Learn about 19th and 20th century sources for finding your ancestors’ arrival in New Zealand.

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  • The 1939 Register for Family Historians

    Following on from the declaration of War, on September 29th 1939, the details of the population of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were recorded and identity cards were issued. Findmypast (and others) has published the registers for England and Wales. This talk will look at searching the 1939 Register and what to do with the information you find.

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  • A Step Through Time(lines)

    Timelines are a great tool for gathering together your research on an ancestor and their family. Learn tips and tricks on creating these and using them in your research and when you publish your family story.

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  • Slow Down - Planning Your Research

    It’s so exciting! You’ve just received a new certificate and have new family names. There’s so much new research to do and before you know it it’s 2am and somehow you missed dinner. Finding new family can be exciting, but sometimes it pays to slow down and plan your research.

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