Family Lineage

Family Lineage

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Perfect for genealogists,and family historians, or anyone scrapping heritage or family photos, this kit is a wonderful way to display the family tree in a unique and elegant way and is very useful with pieces perfect for emulating old fashioned album pages .

Small Value Collection Includes:

~1 Gold Edged background
~1 Wood Panel background
~1 Written background
~1 Dark Written Background
~1 Album Cover background
~1 Album Pages background
~1 Lined Page background
~1 Stained Card Background
~1 Album Page with 4 photo spots 
~1 Book border 
~1 Ornate book plate 
~1 gold details stamp 
~1 elaborate double frame 
~1 metal branch
~1 My Story Ribbon
~1 History Word Art 
~1 Double scroll 
~1 Large Frame
~1 Small hanging oval frame 
~1 Paper leaf 
~1 large paper tree
~1 small metal branch 
~1 Top Scroll 
~1 My Heritage Word Art 

File Size:
200 ppi - 35.80MB
300ppi - 72.20B

Designed by Lauren Bavin