Sepia Memories

Sepia Memories

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The soft tones of Sepia Memories will add a touch of elegance and embrace your photos with classic style and a touch of grunge . The elements combine traditional and modern style to allow a wide range of layout themes from modern landscape to heritage portraits.

Large Value Collection Includes:

~ Almost Music background
~ Almost Sepia background
~ Sepia Paisley background
~ Sepia Plain background
~ Beige Harlequin background
~ Dark Beige Squares background
~ Mocha Spots background
~ Nearly there background
~ Dried Flower 
~ Exposed Torn paper frame 
~ 3 paper swirls 
~ Pinned Paper Strip 
~ Copper Beads 
~ Inside Torn Frame 
~ Paper Flowers
~ Stamped Dots 
~ Stitched sequin Circle 
~ Set of paper wings 
~ Just You word art 
~ Just at This Moment word art
~ Just Beautiful word art
~ Just Love word art
~ Just Me word art
~ Just Perfect word art 
~ Just Precious word art 
~ Just the Two of us word art 
~ Just You and Me word art
~ Pinned Ribbon 
~ Stitched circles and sequins 

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300ppi: 93.40MB

Designed by Lauren Bavin