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Ancestry Chart - Downloadable

Ancestry Chart - Downloadable

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If you're just starting your family history or even helping someone else with starting their research, then a Ancestry Chart can help to keep track of the names. 

This chart has room for four generations. 

You might also want to download a copy of the Family Group Sheet that goes with this chart. 

I've provided these charts free as I want to encourage you to get started on your family history. If you're wanting to use these charts for a group please contact me


If you have outgrown this chart and want to go a little further I have a 7 generation Ancestry chart available that you can either fill in and print or print and write on (you'll need a printer that can handle A3 paper). 

If you want some more help with your family history then contact me for one on one assistance or if you have a group that are interested in learning together take a look at my Your Place workshops.


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