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DNA Match - Leeds Method Worksheet

DNA Match - Leeds Method Worksheet

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You've taken a DNA test and now it's time to work out who's related to who.

The Leeds Method is a great way of clustering your matches together to see groups of matches that may indicate your grandparents or great grandparents lines. You can read more about the method on Dana Leeds' website:

These worksheets have been developed for those that prefer to do things by hand, rather than use spreadsheets. 

The DNA Matches - Leeds Method Worksheet comes in multiple sizes A4/Letter/Legal (20 matches) or A3/Ledger (50 matches). List your matches, Shared cM and if they have a tree, then the fun begins as you colour in your shared matches.

The DNA Matches - Leeds Method Match Surnames Worksheet comes in A4/Letter/Legal size and allows you to focus on a group of matches and explore the shared surnames at the great grandparent (4th generation) level.

We have two blog posts showing how we completed the charts. Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

If you're a worksheet sort of person, have a look at our downloadable DNA Match Chart, it's perfect for building matches family trees to try and work our how you're related (and it keeps you organised). Print as many as you need for your own use and then use multiple charts for groups of shared matches. Spread them out and look for similarities in family trees. Solve those mysteries.

Completed samples do not use real names for DNA Matches.


Do you want some help understanding your DNA Matches?
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